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Hollywood is still feeling the aftershocks from last month's terrorist bombing in Oklahoma City.

And this week, studios and TV networks will learn how the nation will react to entertainment featuring eerily familiar story lines.

On May 19, Twentieth Century Fox Film Corp. will release "Die Hard With a Vengeance," in which Bruce Willis battles a mad bomber terrorist in New York. Then May 22, Fox airs the season finale of "Melrose Place," in which a character tries to blow up an apartment complex.

While the TV network is making changes to the final episode-Fox is said to be cutting scenes of people slammed and tossed about by the blast-the movie studio is standing pat with the film, completed long before the April 19 bombing.

"Because there is no correlation between this real-life tragedy and ....our fictional motion picture, we have no plans to adjust the marketing or presentation of `Die Hard With a Vengeance,"' said the studio in a statement.

The Oklahoma City bombing hasn't dissuaded other studios from releasing their potentially touchy products or developing new projects with terrorist themes. Warner Bros. will still release "Under Siege 2" this summer. In the pipeline are films with such titles as "The H.A.N.D." (about terrorists with nuclear weapons) and "Rogue Warrior."

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