Out of Home - Category Winner: NAACP

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McKinney & Silver, Raleigh, N.C.

Creative Director: David Baldwin

Art Director: Gerardo Blumenkrantz

Copywriter: Jon Wagner

Illustrator: Gerardo Blumenkrantz

There's no mistaking the meaning of this out of home poster created for the NAACP's efforts in South Carolina to have the Confederate Stars & Bars removed from its place of prominence over the state Capitol. The suggestion that those who support keeping the flag flying have more in common with night riders than freedom fighters is a stark, aggressive stance, yet given the emotions attached to this controversy it's easy to see why the NAACP approved this approach.


Crunch Fitness International


DiMassimo Brand Advertising, New York

Creative Director: Carol Holsinger

Assoc. Creative Director: Gregg Morelli

Art Director: Sandra Scher

Copywriter: Phil Gable

Illustrator: Sara Schwartz



Wieden & Kennedy, New York

Creative Directors: Amy Nicholson, Ty Montague

Art Director: Kim Schoen

Copywriter: Ilicia Winokur

Photographer: Dylan Stone

Illustrator: Dylan Stone

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