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Phone service rants?

Take revenge online

We've all had our run-ins with the phone company. Sometimes they're frustrating; sometimes they're costly. There is an outlet, at least for you East coasters. New York-based Dot-Com Development created a site that blasts Nynex Corp. You can post your own horror stories or just sympathize with those posted by others. The layout is similar to a phone book-to create the right mood. All they need is some RealAudio with the "on-hold" music to make you feel at home.

Lexus launches new

car with new address

Toyota Motor Sales USA's Lexus division finally has a site that sports a simple address (http://www.lexus.com) following negotiations with the original owner of that domain. "He was a little old man who wanted a Lexus," a Team One (Lexus' interactive agency) staffer explains. The fellow didn't get a car, though the agency is not saying what-if anything-he did get. The old address (http://www.lexususa.com) will still be open, for those who've grown attached.

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