At Home touts true targetability for advertisers

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At Home touts true targetability for advertisers

At Home Corp. has begun pitching ad packages to marketers allowing them to micro-target users.

A venture of Tele-Communications Inc., Cox Communications, Comcast Corp. and Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, @Home will tap the power of cable modems to deliver data and video at greater speeds than a narrowband, or telephone, connection.

Charter advertisers are being asked to participate in one of three programs ($70,000, $30,000 or $12,000) all beginning this fall and lasting through June 1997.


Advertisers will get ad space on the home page and on guide pages for Internet content. Ads will appear in what @Home is dubbing a "b*box," which will be bigger than traditional banner ads and is designed for video and audio.

Mountain View, Calif.-based @Home recently announced 54 content partners--including The Wall Street Journal, Discovery Channel and Ziff-Davis Publishing Co.'s ZD Net--that will design customized versions for @Home.

One content provider, iVillage, will allow sponsors of its About Work area, like IBM Corp., to advertise free on its @Home site, said Robert Levitan, senior VP-market development at iVillage. iVillage will also offer full-motion video and audio to its advertisers.

Although @Home initially said it would reach 1 million subscribers by the first quarter of 1997, there has been one report questioning when and if @Home's cable TV partners will seriously roll it out.

"A lot of our commitment, long-term, will depend upon how @Home tests, and what kind of return we think is there," said an executive at one of the cable companies that co-owns @Home.


Local cable companies will provide @Home advertisers with the subscriber profiles to allow targeting. That means Toyota Motor Sales USA could send Lexus ads to some ZIP codes and Corolla ads to others.

"In our second generation of services, we're planning to know when different users sign on in each household," said Susan Bratton, director of advertising for @Home.

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