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GE's Dirty Girls
Marketer: GE
Brand: GE Corporate
Title: "Model Miners"
Agency: BBDO, New York

Sixteen tons and whaddaya get? Well, in the case of GE's latest global branding effort, a bevy of real dirty fashion models sashaying down a coal mine shaft. And what's the point of this incongruous visual? The voice-over emphasizes that 'because of GE emissions-reducing technology, harnessing the power of coal is looking more beautiful every day.'

Yoda Hawks Pepsi
Marketer: Pepsi-Cola Co.
Brand: Pepsi-Cola
Title: "Jedi Mind Trick"
Agency: BBDO, New York

You can work up quite a thirst when you've spent the last eight centuries training Jedi knights and railing against the evils of the Dark Side. So, it's no surprise that Yoda uses his mind-bending powers in an effort to abscond with someone else's Pepsi. Even Jedi masters have their breaking point.

Ripping It Off
Marketer: Bacardi
Brand: Barcardi Silver
Title: "Times Two"
Agency: David & Goliath, Los Angeles

Not unlike Emily Post with severe attitude, the new Bacardi Survival Manual helps young drinkers extricate themselves from awkward social situations. For instance, you and another woman arrive at a party wearing the same red dress -- what to do? How about rip your dress apart and refashion those rags into different-looking outfit? Then, toast your brilliance with a sip of the new watermelon-flavored Bacardi Silver.

Firehouse Coffee
Marketer: Kraft Foods
Brand: Maxwell House Coffee
Title: "Ladder 59"
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather

Released on the heels of Kraft's 12% price hike for Maxwell House coffee is this homey reality commercial set in a Norman Rockwellesque firehouse. Shot in home-movie style, we see the locals drinking their favorite brew during a typical day of fire engine shining, riding and camaraderie.

Sexual Impressions
Marketer: Unilever
Brand: Axe
Title: "Impressions"
Agency: Bartle Bogle Hegarty

The latest spot in Axe's sexual advertising offensive for its teenage-targeted deodorant is about having sex on the kitchen table, store changing stalls, locker rooms, cars and airline lavatories. The story is told with location impressions on each woman's back.

Mos Def Does Denali
Marketer: GMC
Brand: Envoy Denali
Title: "Poetry in Motion"
Agency: Carol H Williams, Oakland, Calif.

You ridin' wid it? Mos Def assures us that he certainly is in this spot for GMC's Envoy Denali. This is the latest work from Carol H Williams, one of the country's largest multicultural ad agencies.

Scion Morph
Marketer: Toyota
Brand: Scion
Title: "What Moves You xB"
Agency: Attik, San Francisco

Dramatically illustrating the concept that Toyota's boxmobiles can be customized for young buyers in any number of colorful ways, this spot features a Scion morphing from abandoned vehicle to a slick street machine.

Droplet People
Marketer: Propel
Brand: Propel
Title: "Alter Ego"
Agency: Element 79 Partners

Hardly bigger than cockroaches, those pesky Propel droplet people are back at it again, leaping, bounding and fighting across tabletops, bus aisles and sidewalks.

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