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What: Well, it was inevitable, a toy to cover your most coveted toy, your iPod. The all-white (of course) iGuy takes its cue from the company's branded lines of plastic protective gear for PDAs and iPods including ToughSkin, PortfolioSkin, and SkinTight.

Who: This tough silicon case with bendable arms and legs is made by Palo Alto, Calif.-based Speck Products.

Price Points: $34.95 for iGuy for 4th generation and Photo iPod models. A mini iGuy for the iPod mini is expected in mid-July also at $34.95.

Tech reviewers' verdict: "Gumby for your iPod." "The best `weird' iPod accessory we've seen to date." "So bizarre that we can't help but like it."

Sales: Speck Products General Manager Tim Hickman said sales of the iGuy direct to consumers is "blowing our minds. We're selling about five times more than we thought we would." Retail is going well, too, he said, although the company is still negotiating to get one or more major retail stores. Mr. Hickman said one national chain really loved the product but thought the iGuy's realistic-looking rubber buttocks were a bit too racy.

Marketing: So far, Speck has only run one full-page ad in Playlist-and that's all that's planned. Mr. Hickman said, "Tactically speaking, we were pretty sure it would get a ton of press, aka free advertising."

Copycat: It's actually a bit of a copycat of the the robot-looking iPod holder from iKub (by Kubrick, Japanese Lego-like company). However, if the iGuy takes off, and it's generating tons of forwarded emails and buzz online, we'll likely see versions from all over the globe.

What's next: Thanks to iGuy's initial success, Speck is "inspired" and is working on more poseable iPod figures, yet to be announced. Don't expect any rainbow hues though-the plan is to stick to white only.

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