Hot product: Point and Shoot camcorder

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What it is: Pure Digital Technologies' $129.99 Point and Shoot hard drive-based camcorder. Users can transfer up to 30 minutes of video directly to their computers for storage or burning onto DVDs.

Where: Pure Digital is selling the camcorder at about 1,300 Target stores nationwide and on a trial basis at some Costco stores for $99.99, according to a spokeswoman. RCA licenses the technology from Pure Digital for its own version, the $130 Small Wonder, available at Target, Best Buy and soon Sam's Club.

Sales: Pure Digital expects to sell a million by year's end.

Marketing: The company's in-house staff is readying an in-store campaign for this summer. PR and good press have already made for a positive kickoff, with some Target stores selling out quickly and scrambling for more.

Reviewers' verdicts: Walt Mossberg of The Wall Street Journal said "the quality is remarkable for how small and simple the device is," while said it "doesn't seem a bad option for the tech-phobic."
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