Hot Teams: Bill & Doris

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Doris Cassar, Creative Director, 35

Bill Bruce, Senior Creative Director, 38

BBDO/New York

Teamed on: Mountain Dew, Pepsi, HBO, FedEx, Dupont Stainmaster

In the digital age, is the Bernbachian concept of copywriter/art director still relevant?

Bill: It's all just about ideas. Two people in a room, staring at the ceiling.

Doris: Trying to solve a problem. So it's not who's the writer and who's the art director, but who's got a stinkin' idea.

What's the best piece of work you've done together that never saw the light of day, and why wasn't it produced?

Bill: As I recall, it had to do with a few Amish guys, a hippo and some gregarious body noises.

Doris: Some clients have no vision.

How do you generate ideas? Do you have a system?

Bill: We lock ourselves in the office until the cleaning ladies come.

Doris: They have all the best ideas.

What makes the two of you click? Is it an Oscar/Felix relationship -- opposites attract -- or are you like-minded and totally compatible?

Bill: We're like-minded and totally compatible.

Doris: No, we're not.

Bill: Yes, we are.

Doris: No, we're not.

What's the biggest disagreement you've ever had with your partner?

Bill: There's not enough time.

Doris: Or space.

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