Hot Teams: John & David

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John Boone, ACD/Art Director, 38

David Oakley, ACD/Copywriter, 37

The Martin Agency/Charlotte, N.C.

Teamed on: The Charlotte Hornets, Wrangler Jeans, WEND radio,, Alltel, Kellog's, Weyerhauser

In the digital age, is the Bernbachian concept of copywriter/art director still relevant?

John: Yes. Now Dave e-mails me his headlines instead of sliding them under the door.

David: I think the team concept will always be relevant. Having a great partner is probably the single most important thing for a young writer or art director.

Are there other teams that inspire you?.

John: One team that comes to the forefront is John Butler and Mike Shine. I don't know if they inspire me or just make me jealous.

David: Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee.

Culling from the entire history of advertising, who would be your fantasy team partner?

John: David Ogilvy. After all, his copy could pull 15 percent more than the average copy, and I wouldn't have to get all fussy with the art direction -- like putting white type on a black background. And he'd probably let me hang out at his castle and stuff.

David: There are so many fantastic art directors today. I'd put Gary Goldsmith, Tracy Wong, Andy Azula, Paul Renner and Alex Bogusky on the list. And Howard Gossage.

How do you generate ideas? Do you have a system?

David: Procrastinate, procrastinate, procrastinate. Then, when we're completely under the gun, we go to Outback Steakhouse. It's amazing how many concepts were born at Outback. Fish may be brain food, but steak is idea food.

What's the biggest disagreement you've ever had with your partner?

David: Gosh, there have been so many. John's insistence that we wear Fubu attire in our team photo is the latest. I reluctantly went along with it. Sometimes you just have to trust your art director.

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