Hot Teams: Scott & David

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Scott Bassen, ACD/Art Director, 29 David Rosen, ACD/Copywriter, 29 Deutsch/New York

Teamed on: Ikea, Fila, Equinox, Milk-Bone, AT&T and Burger King

In the digital age, is the Bernbachian concept of copywriter/art director still relevant?

Scott: I think so. Just like the Bacharachian concept.

David: I agree. "What The World Needs Now Is Love," "Do You Know the Way to San Jose," "Alfie."

Despite digital advances, these have yet to be topped.

Who would be your fantasy team partner?

David: You better say me, Scott. You damn well better say me.

Scott: I'd like to work with a super-intelligent robot. That would be neat.

How do you generate ideas? Do you have a system?

Scott: Not really.

David: Well, we have a common scenario. There'll be lots of talking at first, trying to figure out what we want to say. Then it'll get real quiet. Minutes will pass. Then hours. We'll each separately wonder why we're working with such a stupid partner who never comes up with anything.

Scott: Then it's time for lunch. Then we'll sit quietly again, until one of us finally blurts out something. Then I draw it.

What makes the two of you click? Is it an Oscar/Felix relationship -- opposites attract -- are you like-minded and completely compatible?

Scott: David's a little more Starsky; I'm a little more Hutch.

David: We're both short. If I think about it seriously, I'd say I'm a nagger and Scott's a doer. Thank God one of us is a doer.

What's the biggest disagreement you've ever had with your partner?

David: We generally don't fight. We repress and deny.

Scott: We get along pretty well. A couple of times we've showed up for work in similar sweaters, but, you know, we worked it out.

David: Yeah, Scott's an OK Joe. If he were a Website, I'd bookmark him.

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