Hot Teams: Tom & Dave

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Tom Adams, 29, Copywriter Dave Clemans, 36, Art Director Crispin Porter & Bogusky, Miami

Teamed on: Merrell Footwear, Checkers Drive-Thru Restaraunts & Rally's Hamburgers, Florida & National Truth Campaign (National American Legacy Foundation)

In the digital age, is the Bernbachian concept of copywriter/art director still relevant?

Tom: Until they come up with a computer that can toss out ideas, I think we should stick with the copywriter/art director concept.

Dave: I can never get the One Show plug-ins on my MacConcept 4.0 software to work right. So unless somebody out there has a trouble-shooting tip, it looks like it's Tom, me and a couple of marker pads for some time to come.

Who would be your fantasy team partner?

Tom: A computer that can toss out ideas.

What's the best piece of work you've done together that never saw the light of day, and why wasn't it produced?

Tom: We came across this research that showed cigarettes have the same ingredients as doo-doo. I think it was the visual we used that killed the ad. I blame Dave.

What makes the two of you click? Is it an Oscar/Felix relationship -- opposites attract -- or are you like-minded and totally compatible?

Tom: What makes us click is the love for great advertising and Pabst Blue Ribbon.

Dave: We both love creating crazy ads. As for our compatibility, we're yin and yang all the way.

What's the biggest disagreement you've had with your partner?

Dave: I hate punctuation, and I swear Tom would hyphenate a one-letter word if I let him. That, and he double-spaces after periods. But he's from New Orleans and he keeps his desktop like some sort of a wacked-out voodoo altar, so I'm not going to tangle with him.

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