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Hugh Hefner Gets Xtreme
Client: X Games IX
Brand: X Games
Title: "Uninvited"
Agency: Ground Zero Advertising, Los Angeles
After sneaking onto the grounds of the Playboy mansion in Los Angeles, skateboard star Bob Burnquist is confronted by Hugh Hefner and two ditzy bunnies.

Special FX Surprise
Client: Sony
Brand: Wega TV
Title: "SFX"
Agency: Fallon, London
Bursting from the body of a stranger at the front door, a grateful creature thanks a consumer for purchasing a Sony Wega HDTV.

Beyonce's Latest
Client: Pepsi-Cola Co.
Brand: Pepsi
Title: "Directions"
Agency: BBDO New York
Arriving at a late-night gas station in her gull-doored sports car, Beyonce Knowles struts her stuff to the Pepsi machine, striking the lone gas attendent speechless with celebrity awe. "I get that a lot," she says with a awkward wink ending a stiff, self-conscious performance.

Slightly Smeared Breasts
Client: Humpty Dumpy Potato Chip Co.
Brand: Ketchup Chips
Title: "Home"
Agency: Goodgoll Curtis, Toronto
After gobbling down a bag of greasy, ketchup-powdered chips, a teenage girl wipes her hands in a way that shocks her date's parents.

Wacking the Whopper
Client: Hardees
Brand: Angus Beef Thickburgers
Title: "Bread Competition"
Agency: Mendelsohn/Zien, Los Angeles
In a direct "Battle of the Buns" attack on Burger King's Whopper and McDonald's Big Mac, Hardees notes: "A guy shouldn't have to eat a pound of bread to get 1/2 pound of meat."

Metal and Ice
Client: Diageo
Brand: Smirnoff Ice Triple Black
Title: "Saw/Claw/Press"
Agency: J. Walter Thompson
In three variations on a theme, blocks of ice meets metal tools in a traumatic encounters revealing a frosty malt beverage inside.

The Horror Outside
Client: Value City Department Stores
Brand: Ten Under Ten Sale
Title: "Anthem"
Agency: Cliff Freeman and Partners, New York
With a monster movie sound track and a pervasive sense of dread, this spot contemplates the early-morning horror that lays beyond a department store's glass doors.

Subway Twins
Client: Subway
Brand: Subway Sandwiches
Title: "Story"
Agency: McCarthy Mambro Bertino, Boston
Sherman and Herman Smith and their relatives explain how the twins each lost 100 pounds by eating Subway sandwiches for seven months. The latest promo for Subway's low-fat fast-food sandwiches.

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