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Have Ad Age Daily Fax readers got a dream job for President Bill Clinton?

Yes, they do! In a light-hearted poll of Daily Fax subscribers last week, the president was the people's choice to succeed Ben Cohen as CEO of Ben & Jerry's Homemade. Even if the pay wouldn't be that much better, why worry about foreign policy dilemmas when you could be ruminating over domestic flavors?

If the prez was the people's choice, comedian Jerry Seinfeld was the practical choice.

"That way there'd be no need to redesign the packaging for all those pints of ice cream," one respondent said.

Or how about outgoing Senate majority leader George Mitchell? "If Maine goes, so goes Vermont," said one respondent, referring to Ben & Jerry's headquarters location in Waterbury, Vt.

Who else? From business world stars to sports luminaries, the Daily Fax's creme de la creme included Barry Diller, QVC chairman and would-be CEO at Larry Tisch's CBS; Larry Tisch himself; John Sculley, former Apple Computer CEO and now a consultant with Eastman Kodak Co.; Michael Milken, toppled Drexel Burnham powerhouse starting over in the multimedia realm; baseball star Kirby Puckett; O.J. Simpson, wherever his headquarters would be; Rodney King; and Yanni.

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