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CRITIQUE: IBM Corp. continues to create demand for high-end servers by running intensive, rich-media ads that require fairly butch technology on both sides of the all-too-small bandwidth pipe. The new campaign for its "e-business" solutions is running on a scattershot of sites.

The banners are eye-catching and the execution gets style points. When users click on the banner, they are not only taken to the IBM-powered client site but a separate window opens up with a case study of how IBM worked with the client to deliver the business solution.

The narration window uses Flash and JavaScript to smoothly navigate through the content, and includes external links for even more in-depth coverage of some technologies.


And we're sure that every reader of Salon is going to rush right out and have IBM set up a server farm in their basement to handle all their Web hosting needs.

This is a business-to-business sell, clearly. And IBM is running these ads on the tech sites, as they should. Yet marketers seem to feel compelled to make media buys on the portal and content sites almost as a reflex, when the eyes they are looking for might be in much smaller, niche sites. It's the shotgun approach to media buying. And although marketers run the risk of having their ads appear on if they join up with a LinkExchange-type program, there is still merit in buying where your viewers are.

WHO CREATED IT: OgilvyOne, New York

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