Ikea Showrooms Have Become a Stage for Consumers' Hilarious Stunts

Retailer's Stores Prove Fertile Breeding Ground for Fan Creativity

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Ikea is known for its out-of-the-box marketing pushes, which include putting entire apartments in subway stations, building homes in airports and selling customers' old furniture. We're not sure if the brand's own innovation has rubbed off on its fans, but they too, look to the retailer as a creative muse. That's clear in the numerous Ikea hacks and blogs online -- including one site that saw the sexy side of the brand's furniture.

Beyond the goods, however, Ikea's retail showrooms have been a fertile breeding ground for fan creativity, as you'll see in these clever fan stunts below.

Daniel Hubbard: Alfonso Cuaron's Ikea

Outer space is no match for faux living rooms and kitchens as you'll see in filmmaker Daniel Hubbard's terrific parody of Alfonso Cuaron's "Gravity," set within Ikea environs.

Upwell: Hacking Ikea

Ikea is a great destination to find wallet-friendly, smartly designed pieces, which made it the perfect spot for indie design firm Upwell to test out the appeal of its own cool product.

Ylvis: Trapped in Ikea

Many of you may be familiar with Ikea fatigue, which is what you eventually start to feel once the excitement of seeing all the product wears off and you've stared at one too many Expedit shelving units. But can you imagine how you'd feel if you could never leave the showroom? Norwegian comedy duo Ylvis, a.k.a. Bard and Vegard Ylvisaker, recently put that idea to the test.

Irish Wiley: Real World Ikea

The previous three stunts emerged on the interwebs within, believe it or not, a single month. But even back in 2003, customers were letting loose in the store. This gonzo-shot film by directing duo Irish Wiley turned Ikea into the venue of a popular MTV franchise: "The Real World."

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