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When he's not toiling at Turner Interactive Marketing & Sales, Richy Glassberg likes to straddle a Harley. The motorcycle helps Mr. Glassberg escape his suburban New York life with the same force with which the Internet has propelled his career.

Mr. Glassberg has risen from an MTV sales rep into one of the leading Internet ad executives. He was senior account exec at CNN in 1995 when he developed the infrastructure for Turner Interactive Marketing & Sales. Mr. Glassberg also created a one-stop shopping plan to sell ad space on all Turner media properties.

As senior VP-general manager at Turner Interactive Marketing & Sales, Mr. Glassberg oversees ad sales for sites, such as CNN Interactive (, its financial site CNNfn Interactive and AllPolitics (, a joint venture between CNN and Time magazine.

Turner's interactive unit reported a profit in 1996, drawing business from 170 advertisers, two of which-InfoSeek and Nynex-have evolved into co-branded partnerships. The Infoseek partnership prominently places an Infoseek button on CNN, CNNfn and AllPolitics sites.

The co-branding arrangement with Nynex places an online version of the Yellow Pages at the fingers of users on any of Turner's sites. "Our philosophy is that the Web is hard to get around. How can we make it easier?" said Mr. Glassberg.

Adrienne W. Fawcett

Betcha didn't know: Mr. Glassberg evolved from chewing tobacco in his youth to smoking cigars as an adult, which was long before cigars became trendy.

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