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Though United Parcel Service didn't strike first on the Web, its first online marketing effort blasted arch-competitor Federal Express Corp.

UPS Advertising Supervisor Tom Daly oversaw a March deal between UPS and search engines Lycos, Infoseek, and Yahoo! that secured space for the shipping company on each of the three top search engines. Not only did it gain UPS premium exposure , but it managed to pull off a package with three competing search engines, locking Fed Ex out of some of the best front page Web real estate.

Mr. Daly sees it as more than just an advertising deal. "It was an execution of a strategy designed to bring information to customers."

And while UPS declines to comment, industry execs estimate it was a $10 million to $12 million advertising deal. Four months into the campaign, UPS's mini-sites had delivered 1.2 billion impressions, 24% more than expected.

While relatively new to the Internet, Mr. Daly thinks it's the way to put UPS into the hands of consumers.

"We have built into the agreement the opportunity to explore this deal as the search engines grow globally," Mr. Daly said.

Jane Hodges

Betcha didn't know: Mr. Daly once consider a career as a band roadie.

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