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S-12 Anderson, Rick Duracell Ultra

S-22 Andrzejewski Claritan

S-22 Arogeti, Jack

S-37 Benvenisie, Sue Crispy M&Ms

S-8 Berdusco, Roger Tropicana Pure Premium

S-26 Billings, Hilary W Hotels

S-12 Black, Nicole Nizoral

S-16 Brand, Barry Paxil

S-4 Carlson, Diane "Business 2.0"

S-29 Caso, Jeff Poland Spring

S-30 Chase, David "The Sopranos"

S-34 Christiansen, Steve Depend

S-10 Cohen, Alan "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire"

S-26 Cohen, Barry Lamisil AT

S-32 Conley, Sue Olay cosmetics

S-35 Crossland, Barry Pretzel Flipz

S-33 Crotty, Jennifer Juicy Fruit

S-28 de Picciotto, Phil Anna Kournikova

S-2 Diehl, Philip N. 50 States Quarters

S-16 Fogarty, Dan Chipotle Mexican Grill

S-36 Franco, Natalia Totinos Pizza

S-16 Friedman, Bob "Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me"

S-30 Friendly, Ian Go-Gurt

S-14 Fritz, Jan Texas Rebel Radio

S-30 Gaviria, Ruth Colgate Hispanic Marketing

S-10 Gelbart, Tony White Cloud

S-26 Geoffrey, Noel Dryel

S-24 Gier, Randy Big New Yorker

S-3 Goeler, Andy Bud Light

S-28 Graden, Brian "Total Request Live"

S-28 Gross, Jerry Soaps

S-12 Hamlett, Reg Creme Savers

S-18 Hanek, Walter Audi of America

S-3 Hanig, Peter Cows on Parade

S-14 Hayes, John D. Blue

S-14 Hayes, Steve Tampa

S-35 Heck, Gary Korbel Champagne

S-33 Heyman, Paul Extreme Championship Wrestling

S-16 Horton, Carl Absolut

S-18 Hudson, Dawn Mountain Dew

S-4 Jackson, Marianne Prilosec

S-14 Jobs, Steve iBook

S-27 Johnson, Richard

S-36 Jolna, Stacy TiVo

S-22 Jones, Amorette "Blair Witch Project"

S-30 Jones, Phil Louisiana

S-36 Keyes, Mike Jack Daniels Black

S-37 King, Laura Swiffer

S-24 Kurjanowicz, Chris Playtex tampons

S-32 Lachman, Thom Pur

S-8 Lawrence, Sandy I-Zone

S-18 Lee, Cornelius "VeggieTales"

S-8 Lennox, Richard DeBeers Consolidated Mines North America

S-12 Lorys, Rob Sparkle paper towels

S-36 Maddox, Anne American Girl Place

S-31 Main, Peter Game Boy Color

S-31 Main, Peter Pokemon Yellow

S-18 Masocco, Al Korn

S-10 Mathieson, Susan "View From the Bridge"

S-20 Maxwell, Brian PowerBar

S-34 McDonald, Terry Shopko

S-24 Mitchell, Gerald Right Start

S-20 Moore, Pattye Sonic Drive-In

S-24 Nandkeolyar, Shelley Williams-Sonoma

S-12 Nelson, Anne Ameritrade

S-27 Netzel, Jill Milky Doodle Gel Roller

S-22 Neugent, Chris Cracker Jack

S-38 Norman, Paul Frosted Flakes

S-29 Papa, Joseph Celebrex

S-34 Pasciucco, Mary Talbots

S-28 Pereira, Miguel "La Opinion"

S-37 Pitts, John "Tuesdays With Morrie"

S-16 Preston, Mark Renuzit

S-32 Pugliese, Matthew "Divorce Court"

S-20 Pula, Chris "The Sixth Sense"

S-18 Reiner, Peter Mr. Peanut

S-20 Rinella, Mark Blue Mountain Arts

S-10 Sager, Kristin eHow

S-14 Saltiel, Al S-type

S-26 Sarlin "SpongeBob Squarepants"

S-2 Sato, Jay Mavica

S-33 Seegal, Denise Liz Claiborne

S-12 Sexton, Adam "Supernatural"

S-28 Smith, Adam Penguin

S-2 Starr, Gary Zappy

S-36 Stevens, Ross

S-38 Tait, David Virgin Atlantic Airways

S-4 Testa, Chris Nantucket Squeezed Nectars

S-24 Thompson, James Guinness Stout

S-34 Tio, Federico "Toy Story 2"

S-32 Torres, Katie Boca Burgers

S-10 Toupe, Mike Zomig

S-2 Van Houten, Gary Xterra

S-35 Vasques, Gary Kohl's Corp.

S-34 Volkwein, Ed Flat-TV

S-22 Weber, Alan Jose Cuervo

S-4 Weber, Dave Hyundai Motor America

S-35 Weiss, Barry Jive

S-20 Wyner Dunlea, Laura E! Online

S-30 Young, Bob Linux

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