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Building the talent for tomorrow's advertising professionals is the responsibility of all of us who love this business and want to set high standards for the next century.

The global marketplace demands a wider frame of reference than in the past. The future belongs to advertising professionals equipped to solve marketing problems from a global perspective.

Bozell Worldwide has decided to be the founding sponsor of InterAd, the International Student Advertising Competition, a student program recently created by the International Advertising Association.

Learning by doing is always the best way. IAA's InterAd is a "hands-on" program-a meaningful, practical advertising educational experience for undergraduate students from around the world. InterAd will recruit students from the scores of countries where the IAA currently has accredited institutes and chapters. Then we will set up a "real life" marketing problem to solve. The students form "agencies" within the participating schools, gather market data and develop comprehensive marketing and creative recommendations.

Each student agency will asses real "client" marketing situations in their markets, and then will present solutions in regional and global competitions this fall. Finalists will vie for the grand prize, awarded at the IAA World Congress in Seoul in June.

Bozell Worldwide executives will be among the judges and will offer internships to selected students.

These programs work. The American Advertising Federation and the IAA have established successful track records domestically and internationally with student competitions.

The AAF has orchestrated contests, internships and mentoring with its membership agencies for 25 years. A recent InterAd prototype, the Mid-European Student Advertising Competition, asked students from Hungary, Croatia, Greece, Bulgaria and Slovenia to develop Chrysler campaigns.

To MESAC founder John H. Holmes, professor of marketing at Skidmore College, Saratoga Springs, N.Y., the program is more than a student exercise. "We were able to tap a vast pool of creative marketing energy in countries that are really just learning about marketing and branding," he said.

"I was privileged to work alongside some of the most gifted, hardworking and enthusiastic newcomers to the field. Their work stands up to the best I've seen anywhere. There is clearly a need to expand this grand opportunity to a broader base."

The timing of InterAd is no accident. Advertising power is spreading across boundaries as never before. As more countries shift to market economies, advertising's role will expand beyond anything we've ever known. We hope you might consider joining us in this effort.

The hunger to learn is very strong. Whether your agency contributes judges or sets up mentoring and internship programs, your participation is vital.

We and our clients in the marketing business didn't achieve our goals by sitting on the sidelines. This is an instance when getting involved benefits everyone. Those of us who've participated in InterAd's prototypes know we've gotten much more back than we gave. It's a rewarding experience.

We can't lay the groundwork for advertising's global future without tapping the seasoned veterans who know it best. You are our only resource. Please join us in making InterAd the success I know it can be.

Mr. Peebler is CEO of Bozell Worldwide.

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