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After a decade of preaching Nestle's marketing message from the company's Swiss headquarters, Michel Reinarz is doing a more hands-on job to promote concepts such as brand integration in Germany, one of Nestle's three biggest subsidiaries.

"I want to help speed up implementation of our new marketing and communications thinking," said Mr. Reinarz, who retains the director of communications title.

Mr. Reinarz points to Nestle's integrated approach to a breakfast products promotion in Germany. A three-month print campaign by McCann-Erickson, Frankfurt, running through May, combines in a single ad four Nestle products-Clusters cereal, Nescafe coffee, Nesquik chocolate drink and Nestle LC 1 yogurt-under the headline "Breakfast is ready."

"A lot of people don't have a proper breakfast," he said. "We can use our company knowledge on the right balance for breakfast and develop brands in that direction."

Nestle did a similar breakfast promotion in France last year and is likely to try it in other markets. Mr. Reinarz also is looking at other natural product groupings.

"We want to get people [at Nestle] to think 80% of the time about their own brand and 20% of the time focus on what they can do to strengthen brands for the company and what the company can do for their brands," Mr. Reinarz said. "There's no single focus anymore.

"We have about nine companies-they're all Nestle, but they all have their own brands and history in this market. We're trying to make them think together."

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