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How are companies like Time Warner defining the term "full-service network"? What areas does that include?

Time Warner has trademarked the term, calling its trial in Orlando and planned interactive TV systems in other markets Full Service Networks.

For Time Warner, the Full Service Network encompasses two-way entertainment, information, education and communications services for homes and businesses. Included are telephone services, electronic mail and data transmission.

At the root of the network are powerful computers that will link consumers with each other and with the central database housing transaction-processing equipment and video that can be accessed on demand.

Similarly, Bell Atlantic Corp. defines full-service network as "a network that could provide any kind of communications that you could conceive of"-from telephone service to video programming to cellular and wireless communications.

Is there a bulletin board or newsgroup on the Internet that covers advertising and marketing? I can't seem to find one.

You're not alone. While there are newsgroups and forums for topics ranging from classical music to travel, there doesn't appear to be an established area for discussions on advertising.

That may soon change, though. The High-Tech Marketing List, an electronic mail discussion group, was recently formed on the Internet, said Daniel Dern, a Newton Centre, Mass.-based Internet analyst and author of the book "The Internet Guide for New Users" (McGraw-Hill).

To join the list, send e-mail to [email protected] The e-mail message should read: subscribe htmarcom your-first-name your-last-name.

Whatever is posted on the list is automatically forwarded to every member.

The lack of designated areas for discussing advertising and marketing doesn't mean such discussions don't go on.

Dale Dougherty, director of digital media at Internet publisher O'Reilly & Associates, Sebastopol, Calif., recommends interested Internet users should post a note in general business newsgroups, and other Internet users may respond.

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