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Catchy ads need tagline

MARKETER: Infoseek Corp.

WHERE TO FIND IT: Salon and other sites

CRITIQUE: A while ago we pondered the effectiveness of plastering Web addresses across non-Web media. Now we're seeing offline ads for Web-based companies as part of branding campaigns.

We're still not surfing with our cell modems, but a good ad, like those that Infoseek is running on buses and the Web at the moment, sticks with you.

And as you were reading, say, Salon ( you came across one of the banners and clicked on it because you were intrigued.

At least, that's how it happened for us.

The creative is smart, amusing and memorable. It follows a pattern: You wanted (say, a tea bag). You got (say, a picture of actor Mr. T). You need Infoseek.

However one thing isn't clear that really should be.

These ads tout a new technology the search engine has deployed to make better guesses about what a user is really looking for when doing a search. The ads don't communicate Infoseek's claim to be able to give you what you're looking for rather than the 580,000 documents that most Web searches spit out.

A simple tagline could fix it and make this a good example of a Web branding campaign-which is currently one of the hardest things of all to find while searching the Web.

WHO CREATED IT: Ingalls Moranville; online ads adopted by Left Field, both San Francisco, (

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