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MARKETER: Redmond Products


CRITIQUE: Sometimes the smaller marketers surprise you. Redmond Products, makers of such flagrantly fragrant haircare products as the grape-scented Aussie Sprunch Spray, recently launched headlong onto the Web.

It's a cute, practical and surprisingly teched-out site. It's peppered with

RealVideo and utilizes Flash for animation and navigational aids from top to bottom. It could use a good old-fashioned copy editor, however.

The site has all the old content ideas done up in all the new ways. "Midge" will give visitors some suggestions about just which Aussie products are right for them, based on a preliminary questionnaire. Redmond takes the additional step of offering free samples, although it's unclear if the samples are of the products recommended for you.

Then there are the quirkier features such as a hair quiz and the unique "Aussie & Hairiette Show," which uses the hot-off-the-Web Flash-integrated RealPlayer 5.0 to stream animations.

The site is small in scope but fairly ambitious in terms of the technology it employs. As technology comes down in price for both the developers and the consumers, sites like this are going to be easier to produce. Of course, the return on investment needs to be there for the marketer as well. This site and sites like it could benefit from an online sales component to round out the marketing package.

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