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I thoroughly enjoyed reading the interview with Jayne Spittler regarding interactive technologies and opportunities (AA, Jan. 24).

And, while I agree with her overall perspective regarding the value of interactivity to marketers, I do have a different point of view concerning some of her comments.

Interactive media is not something new! All forms of "regular" media have always had interactive potential. This concept has been a reality to direct response marketers who have been interactively marketing via "regular" media for years.

And, while much of the interaction may seem crude by today's standards, the fact remains that direct response marketers are much further along the interactive advertising learning curve than any of the traditional consumer/package goods agencies.

I do not believe that we will have to wait 10 to 15 years before we have either a critical mass of people or the right technology to make interactive advertising really work for a manufacturer or service provider.

There is a principle called Moore's Law (Gordon Moore/Intel founder) that states, "Microprocessors get twice as powerful, or twice as cheap, every 18 months." The acceleration in improved game technology, decreases in PC prices, and growth in the on-line services support this principle.

Couple these technological advances with the knowledge base agencies should have regarding consumer behavior and I believe the time frame is shorter (two to five years maximum!).

Traditional agencies need to truly empower the Jayne Spittlers of the world to "actively interact" with clients and even the direct marketing arms of their own organizations.

Forget the white papers and task forces. Just do it...NOW!

Michael Lynn

Media director

McConnaughy Stein Schmidt

Brown, Chicago

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