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CommerceNet and Nielsen Media Research today release results of their massive Internet demographic study. Nielsen conducted telephone interviews with 4,200 adults in the U.S. and Canada and posted a survey on the World Wide Web that received 32,000 responses. The study attempts to determine not only how many people have access to the Internet but how many actually use it. Results will be made available on CommerceNet's Web site at Separately, a survey of 60,000 online users by Jupiter Communications and Yahoo found that 55% access the Web from home accounts and only 8% get there through an online service. Surfing Web sites is the primary activity of 35% of respondents, while 28% chose e-mail.

America Online unveils its Global Network Navigator Internet service today at the Internet World show in Boston. AOL had planned to launch the service in August to draw attention away from Microsoft Network but postponed the announcement. Also at Internet World, Prodigy introduces its own Web-based service and Yahoo plans to release the names of 10 new advertisers.

American Honda Motor Co. and agency Rubin Postaer & Associates, Santa Monica, Calif., hope to get more than 20% of the 1,000 U.S. Honda dealers to open Web sites by the end of the '96 model year. The sites would be linked to Honda's corporate site, which opened earlier this month at Co. is adding Snap, Crackle and Pop-its Rice Krispies spokescharacters-to the World Wide Web at The site was developed by Magnet Interactive Communications, Washington, with Kellogg agencies Leo Burnett USA and J. Walter Thompson USA, both Chicago.

Other news:

AT&T Business Network-the first content product from AT&T New Media Services-launches today, offering an online information service for business professionals with links to the Web.... America Online created a gateway to its service from the Web (, where surfers can check out AOL's tools and download software....CompuServe introduced CallingAll Card, allowing members to make a toll-free telephone call for access to e-mail, stock quotes and daily news....Landmark Communications' Weather Channel will create interactive content for Time Inc. New Media's Pathfinder Web service and News Exchange on Time Warner's Full Service Network in Orlando.

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