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Domain disdain, part 1: BellSouth vs. Madey

BellSouth has filed suit against a small Web developer called RealPages.Com. BellSouth owns the trademark to The Real Yellow Pages, and it wants the domain name. "I'm tired of big corporate America trying to stomp out the competition by bullying and unfair tactics," wrote RealPages owner Don Madey on his Web site (http://www.realpages.-com/lawsuit). Mr. Madey last week was escorted away from BellSouth's annual meeting for solicitation; he claims he was distributing information. Last we heard, attorneys were trying to settle the issue.

Domain disdain, part 2: Names for sale here

The growth of the Web has spawned a new industry: the marketing of domain names. After a peek at Broker Agent Internet Services' site (, we now know that mere hundreds of dollars will buy you Or Even How legit is this? We're not sure. A letter on the site warns that there's no guarantee someone hasn't trademarked a name. Or, for that matter, that someone will visit your site. Especially if it's named

A rib-tickling site .*. *.Recycling the Web

The Kansas City Barbeque Society has a fan page at .*.*. The Chicago Board of Trade has the Recyclables Exchange (, for plastic, glass and paper.


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