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The concept: Interactive digital billboards

The technology: Gif89 animation

The scoop: ParentTime, a joint venture of Time Warner Cable Programming and Procter & Gamble Productions, today begins running a series of eight "digital billboards" that it hopes will incite users of Yahoo! Chat to visit ParentTime. Hurricane Interactive, New York, created the campaign.

The animated ads tell humorous stories or ask provocative questions of online chatters. ParentTime ( serves up various responses, depending on how users respond to the ad.

"People who chat online are usually curious and passionate regarding what it is they're chatting about," said Paula McDonald, director of marketing and sales at ParentTime. "Our windows provide a provocative call to action which will make them take a right turn, leading them right into our site."

An animated banner called "Romance Time" shows lovers in bed; it introduces a baby in the last frame.

One ad contains a survey asking whether the user is "a dad of the '90s." The ad shows how the user responded in comparison to other participants.

Another digital billboard will feature Dr. Ruth interacting with users via an online soap opera about sex and family values.

Where to find them: Yahoo's Society & Culture chat channel (

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