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The concept: Interactive character advertising

The technology: Proprietary software

The scoop: New York startup Togglethis on April 29 introduces the world to Bozlo Beaver, star of an animated series that's located on Togglethis' site and sponsored by Intel Corp.

Bozlo Beaver encourages a visitor to click to move him into different locations on the screen. But frisky Bozlo responds to the user's behavior as if he has a mind of his own, temporarily disabling the cursor and laughing, for instance, or surprising the user with visual or audio responses.

Unlike avatars, which are animated characters that site users can control, Togglethis' character is controlled by a site producer. This means the character can serve as an online spokesperson, adopting the advertiser's verbal and visual metaphors.

Intel has hired Togglethis to develop animated advertisements for the Web to extend its "clean suit" characters, who star in the company's traditional advertising from Euro RSCG Dahlin Smith White, Salt Lake City.

A new episode of Bozlo's adventures will be available once a week for six weeks on Togglethis' site beginning in May; three different Intel "clean suit" spots-using Togglethis' technology-also will appear on the site.

Where to find them: Togglethis (; Intel Corp.'s MMX chip site (

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