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April 1997 page views: 8.7 million

Financial backing: Venture capital

Banner ad CPM: $20 to $200

Site hosting fee: Free "fact sheet" listings; $50/month and up for other features

BigBook has struck several strategic partnerships, including selling an equity stake to American Business Information, which already supplies its massive, nationwide businesses database to almost all of the competing online Yellow Pages. As a result of the equity deal, however, ABI now will promote BigBook's hosted Web sites in regular mailings to its 3 million business customers. BigBook is also in "advanced negotiations" with several RBOCs about co-branded or "private-label" Yellow Pages sites, President Kris Hagerman said.


April 1997 page views: 10 million-plus

Financial backing: Nynex

Banner ad CPM: $20 and up

Site hosting fee: Under $10/month and up

BigYellow is "transitioning from a `commodity directory' to an `electronic shopping service,'*" said President William Wise. The first move along those lines is a new service, Shop Here!, a list of the top 50 retail sites on the Web. Eight of those, including L.L. Bean, J.C. Penney & Co. and, have secured top billing in the list and other privileges for signing on as sponsors.


April 1997 page views: 4.8 million

Financial backing: GTE Corp.

Banner ad CPM: $30

Site hosting fee: $25 to $750/month

Pat Marshall, VP of GTE Information Services, said GTE is ultimately indifferent to whether SuperPages makes money. "The market for long-distance, for example, is infinitely larger than the market for Internet advertising. So, if we can leverage our presence in Internet advertising to maneuver long-distance along and we don't make a nickel on it, we don't care."


April 1997 page views: 1.2 million

Financial backing: Venture capital

Banner ad CPM: $20 to $50

Site hosting fee: $595/year

WorldPages is allying with the hundreds of loosely affiliated independent Yellow Pages directories across the country, all of whom already have ad sales forces in place. WorldPages President Timothy Dick said such deals are now coming online for 50 cities, with 400 targeted by yearend.

Yahoo! Yellow Pages

April 1997 page views: 20 million-plus

Financial backing: Yahoo!

Banner ad CPM: $20

Site hosting fee: Doesn't host sites

Yahoo has taken a build-it-and-they-will-come approach to Yellow Pages. In less than a year, the site has managed to command twice the number of page views as its nearest rival. Presently, its only revenue comes from ad banners and bold-face listings, though a new ad strategy will be announced this summer.

Note: Yahoo! page views from company estimates; other page view data audited by I/Pro or ABVS Interactive

Source: Company data

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