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SwineOnline a Babe pet

If toting a "Virtual Pet" around on a key chain, hunting for it in the dark and having it beep for attention isn't "virtual" enough for you, TVisions has the answer: The Virtual Pig. SwineOnline is a product of Microsoft's State Fair, an online festival to promote Microsoft development tools at The pig is cute, no doubt about it. Using a very sophisticated back-end, visitors get to name, feed, groom and play with their own pig. Raise a happy and healthy pig and compete for (real) Microsoft prizes.

These porkers need attention though, so be ready to care for it or you might wind up with virtual sausage!

Anti-smoking message butt of Phlemmy Awards

The American Lung Association is about to announce the nominees for its annual Phlemmy awards (www.lungusa. org/phlemmy).

Created by Dennis Interactive, the site allows visitors to vote on which TV characters and shows portray either positive or negative images of smoking: A Phlemmy goes to merry smokers, Pink Lungs go to the evil smoking depictions.

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