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Pan-Europe: $200 millionTapsa/N W Ayer; Tiempo BBDO Volkswagen's SEAT cars Tiempo BBDO (incumbent); Casadevall Pedreno & PRG; possibly others Summer

Pan-Europe: $120 millionLocal agencies Sony Young & Rubicam; BBDO; รพ DDB Needham End of year

Pan-Europe: $50 million to $70 millionGGK/GGT Volkswagen's Skoda cars Incumbent; Ayer; Grey Early summer

Pan-Europe: $30 millionYoung & Rubicam United International Pictures Incumbent; Publicis; Ogilvy & Mather; BMP DDB Needham; Still Price Lintas Late July

Germany: $30 millionLintas Honda cars Incumbent; Grey; Bates; Think Open

Germany: $24 millionEuro RSCG Allianz-Versicherungen insurance Bates; BBDO Open

Germany: $20 millionTBWA Knorr soups and sauces Incumbent; BBDO; Saatchi & Saatchi; Wueschner, Ro hwer, Albrect; Springer & Jacoby Open

Germany: $20 millionGrey B.A.T's HB cigarettes Incumbent; Baader, Lang, Behnken; Knopf, Naegeli, Schnakenberg; Heye & Partner Open

Japan: $19.7 millionDentsu, Young & Rubicam; Commons Volvo cars Incumbents; Tokyu; Dai-Ichi Kikaku Late June

Spain: $17 millionQuestion & Answer Galerias Preciados department stores Incumbent; Lintas Open

France: $13 millionCLM/BBDO Total oil BDDP; Lintas; Saatchi & Saatchi; FCA Open

Germany: $13 millionSpringer & Jacoby Apollinaris mineral water BBDO; FCB; Scholz & Friends; KM Wolff Open

U.K.: $12 millionNew account AT&T's Istel loyalty card Undetermined Open

Italy: $12 millionBates ENIT (Italian tourist board) Incumbent; more than 40 agencies Open

Australia: $8 millionGeorge Patterson Advertising Federal Liberal Party Fifteen agencies August

Australia: $7 millionNew account Kia/Asia Motors Australia Eight unnamed agencies September

Hong Kong: $6.5 millionBozell Hong Kong Tourist Association Incumbent; Ogilvy & Mather; Bates; four others September

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