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CatalogLinkhttp://www.cataloglink.comCatalogLink, a service from Direct Media, enables the user to request hard-copy catalogs online. Click on one of the consumer or business-to-business catalogs, peruse the description within and then simply click on "send free catalog" to order. The great value will be when we can order items from a number of different catalogs with one click of the mouse. Until we can, CatalogLink is a good start.

Central Source Yellow Pages This phone book claims to list Òevery business phone in America.Ó Search a database of more than 10 million listings by company name, category and location. Pages can be located by hyperlinks, and every business may have one FREE one-line text listing. Display advertising and enhanced listings are also available. Very valuable and easy-to-use site.

Create Your Own Newspaper Crayon, Create Your Own Newspaper, is the incarnation of the "reader as editor" concept on the Web. Fill out the online form choosing your graphics, content and name of paper, and your paper will arrive in your e-mail to your specifications. Content choices include news, arts and entertainment, sports, Web sites, comics and more.

Hoover's Online's provides listings of more than 1,000 hyperlinked corporate Web sites. Search by alphabetical tabsÑthere's no search engine, unfortunately. Excellent resource. Bookmark it!

International Business Resources on the World Wide Web Michigan State University has provided a huge meta-index of business resources. Included are international news sources, company information publications, government resources, country specific information and international trade links. You can find anything from the Indian or Dutch Business Directory to the World Factbook, Iran Business Digest or the "Financial Times."

National Address and Zip+4 Browser Key in any or all of these fields: company, address, city, state and/or ZIP, and start browsing. Display with or without tables or order the CD-ROM. Hallmark, Pitney Bowes or Office Depot, this is a good tie-in for you.

Switchboard Use the switchboard to locate people or businesses from a database of over 90 million names and 10 million businesses. Listing information is compiled from U.S. white pages and is searchable by name, city and state. The result will look familiar to you because it looks just like a phone book listing. If you register, you can update your listing, making sure those telemarketers can always get you right at dinnertime.

Thomas Register This is a site for the Thomas Register, a print and CD-ROM-based catalog of information about U.S. companies, featuring products and services, company profiles and catalog information. After registering, Web users can search the large database for companies, products and services.

Trade Show Centralhttp://www.tscentral.comTrade Show Central provides access to 8,000 trade shows via a searchable database. You can request information regarding schedules, costs, speakers and seminars as well as register to attend the show online. You can enhance the value of your exhibit presence by promoting your company for months before and after the event on the site. This is an extremely valuable tool for marketers.

Virtual City Navigator Search for products, services and businesses by city and metropolitan area. Then get detailed directions via the dynamic mapping system that provides a recommended route via a printable map you can take with you. Soon you will be able to connect to live traffic reports. You will no longer have any excuse for being late or getting lost! Promised soon is an Internet-to-fax gateway which enables communication with businesses that don't have e-mail yet. Service is free to consumers and payable by subscription for listed businesses.

Reviews taken from Web Digest for Marketers (, a publication of Chase Online Marketing Strategies, New York.

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