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Jake winebaum became a self-taught whiz with a computer after realizing in 1982 that if he was to be a success at Fortune magazine, where he worked in circulation, he might have to be adept at math. "Coming out of college," said Mr. Winebaum, "I was pretty mathematically challenged." So he sought assistance from a rather new-fangled machine in the offices no one had quite figured out yet. "I really took to this thing," he said of the computer.

Click and drag to '91. Mr. Winebaum -- a husband and father of two -- launched FamilyFun.

Walt Disney Co. bought FamilyFun in 1992 and made Mr. Winebaum president of Walt Disney Magazine Publishing. There, Mr. Winebaum also founded FamilyPC, which led to an interest in the Internet.

By '94, Mr. Winebaum began the task of shepherding Disney to the Internet. The next year saw the creation of Disney Online and the acquisition of Family World.

In '96, Disney Online launched its own family.com, as well as disney.com, which later combined to form one site at family.com (www.family.com). The site also offers access to Disney's Daily Blast, an ad-supported online service for kids launched last year.

Mr. Winebaum said an agency is being sought to handle the first offline marketing campaign for disney.com, which will be positioned as the leading family gateway to the Internet.

His most recent achievement as chairman of Disney's Buena Vista Internet Group is the acquisition of Starwave, the pioneering company with which Disney has produced ESPN SportsZone and abcnews.com.

When's he's not on the Net for work, he's surfing 15 to 20 times a day during his free time. "I don't even think about it anymore," said Mr. Winebaum.

Betcha didn't know: When he's not working in the virtual world, Jake Winebaum plays hard in the real world. "I'm an adrenaline junkie," says the skiing, snowboarding, surfing, windsurfing and mountain biking enthusiast.

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