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Unlike beef jerky, low-fat turkey jerky is a healthy snack that moms buy for their kids, explains creative director Tracy Wong of WongDoody. With that in mind, a pair of silly spots for Seattle's Oberto Sausage Co., he says, "was a chance to be maniacal and make charred bits of flesh seem appealing."

After coming up with ideas that included turkeys being blown up and electrocuted, Wong and copywriter Craig Hoit opted for the less gory tack of a child narrating fantastic stories of how turkeys originally came to be in the meat treat.

"So, there's this giant turkey space ship," begins the little boy in one commercial, as we see a group of turkey astronauts. "They see this black hole and if they get sucked into it, they're going to get smashed into tiny turkey bits." After our breathless, faltering narrator explains the captain's useless efforts to reverse the ship, it blows up and shoots to earth, where it lands cometlike in an oblivious construction worker's lunch box. Instant lip-smackin' snackin'!

In a second spot we see we several prehistoric Turkeyosauruses-picture a T Rex with a gobbler head and a feather collar-being battered by an asteroid shower. Later, an archaeologist pulls a slab of jerky from a cave wall, examines it and pops it in his mouth. "Oh Boy! Oberto Turkey Jerky!" squawks a bulging-eyed turkey for a Sega-style tag.

The campaign was directed by Ron Gross of Blue Goose Productions in Seattle, who must know a thing or two about weird birds. Other credits to Seattle's Digital

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