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NEW YORK-Norma Kamali Inc. is introducing a skincare line through an infomercial rather than in stores.

Norma Kamali herself stars in the infomercial, and the move is raising eyebrows. Ms. Kamali usually keeps a low profile and rarely makes public appearances. Also, a designer of her stature has never jumped into direct response TV.

Ms. Kamali said doing the show made perfect sense to her, even if it was risky.

"The concept of the beauty line is that women can be beautiful without wearing layers of makeup," she said. "It needs explanation, and I'm not sure that a lady wearing a lot of makeup at a beauty counter can explain it without confusing the consumer."

The 30-minute infomercial for the skin creams and enhancers began running here in June.

Ms. Kamali and her producer, Nick Wollner of Crossroads Communications, said they took great pains to ensure it doesn't look like an infomercial.

"It really looks like a spread from Vogue or Mirabella," Mr. Wollner said.

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