Kids TV advocates blast FCC's Jim Quello

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Children's TV advocates came out swinging against Federal Communications Commission Commissioner Jim Quello on Wednesday because he's seeking to win flexibility for broadcasters in new children's TV rules. In a statement, the watchdog Center for Media Education accused the commissioner of seeking "loopholes" for broadcasters and urged its members to call, fax or e-mail the commissioner to join FCC Chairman Reed Hundt and Commissioner Susan Ness in supporting stronger rules.

"Quello, who was appointed by Richard Nixon, has been the broadcasters' man at the FCC for more than 20 years, continually voting against the public interest," the center said. An aide to Mr. Quello said the group was raising the fuss because the commissioner is fighting draft children's TV regulations that he feels don't give broadcasters enough flexibility and because they attempt to resurrect a case for additional broadcast content regulations.

Said Mr. Quello: "That is a price I will not pay. That is a legacy I will not leave." A National Association of Broadcasters spokesman said, "We think it's outrageous that after more than 20 years of distinguished service that Jim Quello would be characterized as a lackey for the broadcasters."

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