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King Kong Sells Ford
Marketer: Ford Motor Co.
Brand: Ford Ranger
Title: "King Kong"
Agency: J. Walter Thompson, Bangkok

King Kong has returned and is currently living in Thailand, where he and his son are promoting Ford pickups. It's true -- see the spot yourself. But watch out for those airborne trucks.

Box Office Desert Wars
Marketer: DaimlerChrysler
Brand: Jeep
Title: "Get Through"
Agency: BBDO, Troy, Mich.

Can you imagine a better product placement match for Jeep than a desert warfare movie? Paramount Pictures and DaimlerChrysler have pulled out all the stops for the April 8 release of 'Sahara,' starring Penelope Cruz and the Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sahara special edition. The Jeep is the one not wearing a tank top.

J.C. Penny Sexes It Up
Marketer: J.C. Penny
Brand: J.C. Penny lingerie
Title: "Irresistible"
Agency: DDB, Chicago

Clearly inspired by Victoria's Secret ad techniques, the staid family department store chain J.C. Penny is now prancing its own sultry models and erotic lingerie through bedroom stage sets.

Burgers and Aztec Games
Marketer: McDonald's Corp.
Brand: McDonald's
Title: "Having a Ball"
Agency: Del Rivero Messianu DDB, Miami

This Hispanic offshoot of the 'I'm Lovin' It' campaign takes a dream trip back to the days of Aztec empire and the deadly but dashing game of 'Tlachtli.' The game involved elements of basketball, volleyball and football in a competition to get a large solid rubber ball through a stone hoop. In the real game, winners got to live. In this spot, the winner gets the cute babe as well as an Egg McMuffin and has to be lovin' that.

Gather Up Your Bills
Marketer: Community Choice Credit Union
Brand: Community Choice Credit Union
Title: "Bills"
Agency: In-house

This one gets our Home-Grown Spot of the Week Award. Josh Cook, the vice president of marketing at the Community Choice Credit Union in Des Moines, Iowa, had to come up with some way to make his institution's debt consolidation service stand out amid the clutter of local TV. After the flash of a humorous idea, he gathered up all his bills and started the cameras rolling.

Dog Water
Marketer: Coca-Cola Co.
Brand: Dasani
Title: "Dog"
Agency: Anomaly, New York

Turning the tables on human customers, this new series of Dasani spots star a dog, a bear and a hamster singing the praises of their favorite bottled water. Without question, the dog has the most élan.

Captain Wireless
Marketer: Sprint
Brand: Sprint
Title: "Clear for Docking"
Agency: Publicis & Hal Riney, San Francisco

These days you don't often see young males leaving their video-game consoles long enough to actually engage in backyard pastimes involving their own imagination. Which is what makes this spot so Norman Rockwell, in a wireless kind of way.

Ink Splash Car
Marketer: Volkswagen
Brand: Volkswagen
Title: "Ink"
Agency: COD, Miami

In this spot aimed at the U.S. Hispanic market, a Volkswagen Tourareg SUV splashes through a Rorschach-like landscape made of in-progress ink drawings and smearings. The imagery is also designed to demonstrate -- in a fresh new way -- the vehicle's handling capabilities.

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