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To the editor:

While it was flattering to be featured in a national publication (Creativity, October 1994, page 22), we feel we were painted with broad strokes into a little corner of insufferability that suggested everything from our disrespect for the dead to our trashing of local agencies.

For the record, we are strong supporters of the Milwaukee advertising community, and there is a lot of work from local agencies that we do, in fact, like. I serve on the board of directors of the Milwaukee Advertising Club, as well as being Addy chairman. We have worked tirelessly for the last two years to help incorporate positive change into a local scene that was, quite frankly, on the verge of splitting in two.

We may be cocky (show me a good creative who's not), but that cockiness pays off for our clients in the form of strong, targeted work. As for being arrogant, I can only suggest you contact our clients and suppliers and ask them how they can stand to work with such pompous jerks.

Steve Koeneke


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