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As the new century approaches, Eastman Kodak Co. wants to bolster image-sharing through its PhotoQuilt of the Millennium.

"Our business strategy started out as just taking pictures. Then we moved into helping people make pictures. Now we're in the business of helping people share pictures," said David Hardie, general manager and VP-marketing, consumer imaging for North America at Kodak.

PhotoQuilt (www.kodak.com

/go/photoquilt) is Kodak's online initiative that stitches together photos submitted by consumers. Launched in September after a test last year, PhotoQuilt has "a new look, a new feel and a new identity" to focus on the new year, said Lee Corkran, Kodak.com projects director.

"Overall, Kodak wants to show that the millennium is a special time in all of our lives, and pictures are a part of that time," Mr. Corkran said.

The PhotoQuilt of the Millennium demonstrates Kodak's commitment to giving consumers a reason to digitize their photos.


"I think this clearly demonstrates that this is one way to extend the life of your pictures," Mr. Corkran said.

PhotoQuilt showcases images from various categories, including people, places and moments that have personal significance, as well as more global events such as man walking on the moon, which fits under the theme "When the world was a witness," Mr. Corkran said.

Even though it's unadvertised, in the first two weeks of the site's relaunch, the promotion took close to 800 new submissions and grew by 400 images. Consumers found it through Kodak's Web site as well as through plugs on the

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