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Imagine Scarlett O'Hara as a blonde, courtesy of L'Oreal.

Cosmair's L'Oreal haircare products won't go that far, but the marketer is joining in an unusual consumer promotion for "Gone With the Wind," arguably the world's most famous movie, when it hits the TV syndication market this fall.

In a deal arranged by Karl Kuechenmeister, senior VP-animation and syndication at Turner Broadcast Sales, L'Oreal is tying in with a radio promotion for the airing of the 1939 classic.

Listeners to morning and evening drive-time radio will hear spots promoting the local TV airing of the film. The spots, tagged with a mention of L'Oreal as the promotion's sponsor, also will mention a local phone number that listeners can call to win "Gone With the Wind" paraphernalia.


"It's fairly unusual to arrange promotions for syndicated" properties, Mr. Kuechenmeister said. "Everyone in our business usually just focuses on the regular selling of ad time."

But with the syndication marketplace getting increasingly crowded, Mr. Kuechenmeister said, "We think promotions will be more important for us and our syndication partners. In the past, if you did promotions at all, it was usually for major off-network shows. We think they're important for smaller properties as well."

Besides the "Gone With the Wind" promotion, Turner has two other upcoming campaigns.

Hershey's reduced-fat candy bar Sweet Escapes and Best Buy consumer electronics stores will join together this fall to promote the first-run series "Lazarus Man," produced by Turner's Castle Rock Productions.

The promotion pairs the two in a watch-and-win contest offering consumer electronics prizes from Best Buy.


Turner's third promotion, set for late this year and early 1997, links Sony PlayStation with the syndication of "World Championship Wrestling's Tournament of Champions."

In a campaign that will include on-air spots on two of Turner's cable networks-TNT and Cartoon Network-as well on local TV stations, viewers will be encouraged to write in to compete in a Sony PlayStation consumer tournament.

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