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IN THE BUG APPLE: Clorox Co. targets the roach havens of New York and Los Angeles with an outdoor campaign breaking June 1 for new Combat Plus. The ads feature a giant dead roach with locally applicable headlines. The New York ads read, "They can't make it here" and "Enough already," while the L.A. boards include Hollywoodisms "Hasta la vista, baby" and "Won't be doing lunch." TV and radio advertising from Y&R Advertising, San Francisco, is already r unning in "roach belt" markets. Copywriter: Perry Portugal.

Art director: Tom Peck.

CELL PHONES: With an ominous-sounding media schedule that includes such magazines as American Jails and Corrections Today, BellSouth Public Communications is advertising its MAX phone system designed for prison inmates. WestWayne, Atlanta, created the print campaign. Copywriter: Jim Doherty. Art director: Gene Powers.

the big push: SOMETHING NEW FROM VALLEY On a more palatable note, Clorox Co. and Y&R Advertising, San Francisco, are also uncapping ads for new flavors of Hidden Valley salad dressing. The TV and print advertising show the name ingredients for Honey & Bacon French and Fa t Free Italian Herb & Cheese inside bottles. The salad dressing wars are warming up, with new products or increased ad activity from Kraft Foods, CPC International's Hellmann's and Best Foods, and Lipton's Wish-Bone (AA, April 14). Copywriter: Beth Howard. Art director:

Judi Larkin.

found art: Western International Media's Outdoor Services division is spearheading an anti-violence campaign in Los Angeles County, with an assist from other outdoor companies and artist Peter Max. Outdoor Services and other vendors including Eller Media Co., Outdoor Systems and Van Wagner Communications are donating more than $350,000 in space for the "Stop the violence, start the peace" effort. Mr. Max donated the original artwork. The ad commemorates high school senior Corie Williams, who was killed in random gang violence.

Image of the week: Honest Abe catches a buzz from Cafe Cola in a new print and TV campaign. The coffee-cola soft drink is marketed by Somojo International, a group of Gen X entrepreneurs. Leesi Bloom of Inbloom Desk Top & Graphic Design, Miami Beach, Fla., designed the advertising; Lauren Sheprow of ShepCom Marketing Group, Coral Gables, wrote the copy.

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