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SHADES AND SCREEN: Maria Grazia Cucinotta, star of the 1995 Oscar-winning film "Il Postino," dons Luxottica Group's Persol sunglasses in new print ads from Bertin Design Group, Port Washington, N.Y. The ads are part of Luxottica's ongoing $25 million "Let them see you" campaign, whose first celebrity was Steve McQueen. Bertin shares the ad work with Deutsch, New York. Art director: Jim Ubertini.

VINTAGE APPROACH: Kaiser Permanente's new outdoor and broadcast campaign in Portland, Ore., uses a retro look to address very modern concerns. The ads focus on the values that helped shape the healthcare company when it was formed during the World War II era-values that remain relevant today. Grady Britton Advertising, Portland, handles Kaiser Permanente's northwest division. Copywriter: Stacy Bolt. Art director: Bob Thompson.

IMAGE OF THE WEEK: Dodge Intrepid's new ads (AA, Dec. 15) tout the computer's role in the car's redesign, and special effects drive home that message. In one, the car speeds through a "virtual" world of light. A Band Apart Commercials, Los Angeles, produced the spots for Chrysler Corp. and BBDO Worldwide, Southfield, Mich. Copywriter: Paul Stenquist. Art director: Mike Lowes.

found art

The venerable ad medium of outdoor blasts into the high-tech '90s with a board that Virgin Records and Eller Media Co., Los Angeles, erected for Janet Jackson's new album, "The Velvet Rope." The board on Hollywood's Sunset Strip uses 180,000

fiber optic strands to create the letters J-A-N-E-T, one at a time and then in full view, creating a marquee effect. For motorists within a mile of the board, low-frequency microwaves provide a sampling of the album on their AM radios.


The Internal Revenue Service heralds in 1998 with a new commercial backing its IRS E-file system. There's no escape from the IRS, even on the moon, where an astronaut realizes he's forgotten to file his return. Luckily, his fellow explorer is also a tax preparer and uses E-file to send in the return electronically. The procrastinating spaceman then gets his refund before he's back on Earth. Emmerling Post, New York, created the public service ad for the IRS. Copywriter: Don Arters. Art director: Art Gilmore.

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