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FAST-FOOD FRONTIER: Kids take an appetizing tour through the universe in two spots for Wendy's International created by Bates USA, New York. Kids Meals items become cosmic props-like a crispy nugget field or a Frosty space station-in a combination of live action, miniature models and computer-generated effects from Curious Pictures. Copywriter: Gary Bergman.

Art director: Alan Gregory.

NUMBERS GAME: Animated numbers help show Indiana residents how to play the Hoosier Lottery's new Daily Millions game. Some spots, via Montgomery Zukerman Davis, Indianapolis, are designed to inform and others to maintain awareness of the game. Duck Soup Produckions, Los Angeles, created woodcut-style icons to join the type as elements in the commercials. Copywriter: Steve White. Art director: Sheryl Sackett.

image of the week: Cars curve around a treble clef sign heading to the Hollywood Bowl in an ad promoting a jazz series sponsored by Toyota Motor Sales USA's Lexus. Team One, El Segundo, Calif., shot the ad near the bowl,combining the photo with stock footage laid out in pieces like a model train set. Copywriter: Greg Collins. Art director: James Hendry.

found art: A special Volkswagen Bug is the prize in a contest that MTV Latin America launched in Mexico last week. The car was decorated by artist Rafael Cazares and autographed by rock musicians who have appeared on "MTV Afuera," a daily show set in Latin American locales. Contest sponsors are Volkswagen Mexico, Sony Mobile, Diesel and Converse.


"Gramps" imparts some shocking advice to his grandson in the first national spot for Pepsi-Cola Co.'s Josta. In the commercial from BBDO Worldwide, New York, the senior tells the kid that when he was his age his peers encouraged him to chase women, stay out all night and party. He then says he resisted the impulse-and has been sorry ever since. His wife then slaps him in the head. Josta is made with extract from the guarana berry, said to have aphrodisiac qualities. Josta had been testing in 60% of the country. Copywriter: Bill Bruce. Art director: Doris Cassar.

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