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MYTHIC LINKUP: Hercules trades in his winged horse for a Venture minivan as Walt Disney Co.'s summer animated film teams up with the Chevrolet vehicle. Two customized "Hercules" minivans were to be given away. The first, awarded in New York, was the prize in a sweepstakes at the culmination of the Venture-sponsored, 20-city Disney's "Hercules" Mega Mall Tour. The other minivan will be given away in August in Hollywood. The efforts tied to "Hercules" are part of an ongoing relationship between Disney and General Motors Corp.

MULTIPLE `SOURCES': Four different cover images are being used for the August issue of The Source, the magazine's largest ever at 192 pages thanks to new advertisers like Gillette Co. and JanSport. Each cover features a member of the hip-hop group Bone Thugs-N-Harmony-Bizzy Bone, Layzie Bone, Wish Bone and Krayzie Bone.

IMAGE OF THE WEEK: As part of its "Symbols" campaign for Mercedes-Benz of North America, Lowe & Partners/SMS, New York, did some cosmetic work on Marilyn Monroe. Her beauty mark becomes a Mercedes emblem in a print ad breaking in July issues of magazines. Outdoor is also included. Copywriter: Martin Orzio. Art directors: Randy Saitta, Andy Hirsch.

found art: Sailor Jack, longtime resident of the Cracker Jack box, has been updated again. It's part of Borden Foods' new push for Cracker Jack that will also include an upgrading of the free toys inside the box. Sailor Jack was originally modeled after the grandson of F.W. Rueckheim, inventor of the popcorn, peanut and molasses confection. WPP Group-owned design company SBG Partners, San Francisco, created the latest Sailor Jack.

the big push: KEEPING YOUR EYE ON THE BALL: It's not your usual golf advertising, and that's what got the debut spot for Srixon golf balls in trouble. Instead of lush fairways, the spot shows pajama-clad men trudging zombielike to a store for the new balls from Tad Moore Golf. ABC sent

a letter to the Westlake Group, Greenville, S.C., raising concerns about the agency's use of "hypnotic techniques" in the spot. The network's concerns were eased and the spot will air there and on NBC

in July. Pavlov Productions, Culver City, Calif., produced the commercial. Copywriter: Valerie Bickley. Art director: Elaine Sweeney.

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