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DICK EXPLAINS: From the mind of Dick comes the reasoning behind the

"creative superstar's" Miller Lite advertising. Dick, in a page ad,

says: "I want the advertising itself to have the same BASIC FEELIN' as

you get when having a Miller Time." Fallon McElligott, Minneapolis,

is rolling out a new wave of Lite advertising. Copywriter: Linus

Karlsson. Art director: Paul Malmstrom.

FLIPPING OVER BARNEYS: The new Barneys New York catalog looks like an

old-fashioned moving-picture book. On one side, a woman dances through a collection of fashions; on the reverse of each page, a man appears to be juggling as his attire changes.

image of the week: The $10 million debut campaign for Coty's Nokomis fragrance breaks next month. Inspired by the traditional and biological association between women and the moon, Seiden Group, New York, wanted to show a woman so in control that she could even lure the lunar orb. Creative director: John Klimo. Copywriters: Angela Abelow, Jane Kirkwood.

Travelers Group's trademark red umbrella now protects the Travelers Group itself-or, more specifically, the courtyard of its New York headquarters. Peter Dixon, principal-senior designer at brand consultancy Lippincott & Margulies, designed the 16-foot-tall bumbershoot, which is made of 5,300 pounds of structural steel.

Taking the plunge with mutual funds

Neuberger & Berman principal Larry Zicklin (c.) and his mutual fund company are not into fads. So whether its investing or bungee jumping, they "never overlook the dangers involved." Kirshenbaum Bond & Partners, New York, created the $6 million to $10 million national campaign. In the spot, the two other guys jump, while Mr. Zicklin "carefully evaluates the risks involved" and walks off the bridge. Copywriter: Richard Yelland. Art directors: Brendan Donovan, Marta Ibarrondo.

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