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FIVE STAR PERFORMANCE: Faye Dunaway's latest starring role is in a new print ad for Five Star Fragrance Co.'s Norell. The $2 million campaign from Dawson-Messina, New York, marks the first use of a celebrity in Norell advertising. The ad breaks in November fashion magazines and will also run in Europe, South America and the Middle East. Creative directors: Joel Dawson, Joseph Messina.

MILK'S ROLE: Ron Howard, as boy star and Oscar-winning director, dons the milk mustache for the National Fluid Milk Processors Education Program. One ad features Mr. Howard from his "Andy Griffith Show" days, with the photo retouched to add the milk mustache. That ad appears on a right-hand page. The ad featuring him as an adult then appears on the obverse, left-hand page. Bozell, New York, handles. Copywriter: Dave Franco. Art director: Bernie Hogya.

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Broderbund Software's Riven, sequel to the best-selling CD-ROM game Myst, hits the market on Halloween. Print ads from Saatchi & Saatchi Worldwide, San Francisco, contain elements from Myst, including surreal environments. The only copy is Riven's Web address. Copywriters: Steve Silver, Tom Bagot. Art director: Joe Kayser.

found art

Comdisco this month broke its first broadcast campaign. The animated TV commercial features a computer chip character that surmounts various obstacles, as the technology services company explains how it can help executives control technology instead of technology controlling them. Theme of the campaign, which also includes radio, is "Managing technology in the face of change." Saatchi & Saatchi Business Communications, Rochester, N.Y., handles. Copywriter: Cindy Rogers. Art director: Steve Hall.

the big push: Bellhops, bed spread Best Western message

A bed and two bellhops become an icon in a new branding campaign for Best Western International. The bellhops move the bed into position at places that signify the wide range of locations for Best Western hotels-such as a Manhattan street for New York and a dock for Lake Tahoe. An actual hotel is never shown. Tagline is "Across the street from the ordinary." The campaign is the first Best Western work from BBDO Worldwide, Los Angeles since it won the $20 million account in April. Copywriter: Doug Schumacher. Art director: Jennifer Parke.

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