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GAME-PLAYING SPIRAL: A green spiral ball, playing the part of the letter O, is a moving element in the new logo of the Game Show Network. The ball is supposed to communicate to viewers the thrill of game shows. Lee Hunt Associates, New York, handled the repositioning and redesign of the Game Show Network. Colleen Bothwell designed the logo. The only cable network of Sony Pictures Entertainment, it was launched three years ago. The network's new tagline: "All games. All the time."

COLORFUL CACKLER: A hen festooned in Post-it Flags stands out from her classic white colleagues in the first-ever campaign supporting the colorful document markers. The campaign for the 3M product, via Grey Advertising, New York, is running nationally on CNN and in seven selected markets. Copywriter: Joe Ehlinger. Art director: Mark Driscoll.

image of the week: Phone jargon-such as "Give me a ring" and "I'm on hold"-applies to everyday experiences in new AT&T Corp. ads. In "May I cut in?" AT&T Wireless is suggested as a tool to help solve a baby-sitting problem. Y&R Advertising, New York, created the ads, breaking in September magazines. Copywriter: Claudia Schwartz. Art director: Kristi Roberts.

found art: The Green Bay Packers hope for another run to the Super Bowl-and Miller Brewing Co. plans to ride those coattails with Miller Lite semi-trailers emblazoned with the image of a Packer. Miller Chairman-CEO Jack MacDonough and VP-Sales Chris Moore admire the 7-foot-tall Packer. Green Bay distributor Triangle Distributing Co. owns the four semis and, in addition to transporting beer, will use them in retail promotions.

the big push: Stones sprint into new tour

The Rolling Stones seem to perform on the head of a pin in a spot backing Sprint Corp.'s sponsorship of the Bridges to Babylon Tour '97, kicking off next month. The ad will run in 10 markets where the Stones will perform. Sprint is providing preferred access to concert tickets to business and residential customers who sign up for the carrier. Grey Advertising, New York, created the spot. Copywriter: Alan Braunstein. Art director: Bruce Arendash. Grey art director John Fletcher designed the tour's logo, featuring Sprint's signature pin piercing a tongue.

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