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Advertising Age International's Latin America print media lineup

Publication Ownership Circulation Ad rates (full page,

1X) Current bigger advertisers

Local language

The Wall Street Journal Americas Dow Jones & Co. 1.4 million b&w: $67,750 (South America, Mexico) IBM, Acer, Citibank

AmericaEconomia Dow Jones & Co., South Media Inc. 85,758 b&w: $11,465; 4C: $17,880 full run, $10,700 Spanish only; ??? Samsung, Ericsson, Galaxy

Revista e3 Freedom Communications, Inc. 126,000 b&w: $6,750; 4C: $7,500 IBM, Acer, Sony

Harper's Bazaar Licensed from Hearst Magazines 103,556 b&w: $8,318; 4C: $11,090 Calvin Klein, Givenchy, Gucci

Marie Claire Licensed from Hearst Magazines 188,630 b&w: $11,490; 4C: $15,320 Parlux, Calvin Klein, Givenchy

Cosmopolitan Licensed from Hearst Magazines 493,240 b&w: $18,480; 4C: $24,640 Parlux, Calvin Klein, Sebastian

Elle Licensed from Hachette Filipacchi Magazines 95,278 b&w: $8,194; 4C: $10,925 Parlux, Calvin Klein, Givenchy

Vanidades Editorial Televisa 542,579 b&w: $19,740; 4C: $26,320 Parlux, Calvin Klein, Elizabeth Arden

Mecanica Popular Licensed from Hearst Magazines 185,517 b&w: $6,821; 4C: $9,095 Pioneer, Epson, Konica

Geomundo Editorial Televisa 164,305 b&w: $4,346; 4C: $5,795 Rolex, Chivas Regal, Johnnie Walker

Men's Health Licensed from Rodale Press 223,000 b&w: $8,010; 4C: $10,680 Milano, Halston, Pioneer

T.V. y Novelas Editorial Televisa 935,777 b&w: $18,000; 4C: $24,000 n/a

Ideas Para Tu Hogar Editorial Televisa 237,677 b&w: $6,915; 4C: $9,220 Mattel, Ralston Purina

Buenhogar (Good Housekeeping) Licensed from Hearst Magazines 226,689 b&w: $10,736; 4C: $14,315 Sebastian, Elizabeth Arden, Mattel Toys

Tu Editorial Televisa 309,740 b&w: $7,121; 4C: $9,495 n/a

Eres Editorial Televisa 543,974 b&w: $14,310; 4C: $19,080 n/a

PC Magazine Licensed from Ziff-Davis Publishing 196,016 b&w: $12,994; 4C: $17,325 Hewlett-Packard, Acer Computer, Epson

PC World IDG 336,000 n/a Dell, Canon, Corel

Computer World IDG 80,000 n/a Informix, IBM, Digital Equipment

Reader's Digest Latin America Reader's Digest Association 1.6 million b&w: $37,163; 4C: $49,565* MasterCard, Visa, KLM

Newsweek En Espanol The Washington Post Company 55,000 b&w: $6,175; 4C: $10,295** n/a

* Rates for buying all 11 editions, with opening discount.

** 1997 rates

English language

Latin Trade Freedom Communications Inc. 73,500 b&w: $6,200; 4C: $8,060 AT&T, Nortel, Digital

Newsweek Latin America The Washington Post Company 77,000 (rate base) b&w: $10,800; 4C: $18,3608*** n/a

Time Latin America Time-Warner 95,000 b&w: $16,678; 4C: 24,903** Galaxy, Philip Morris, American Express

BusinessWeek The McGraw-Hill Companies 22,000 b&w: $4,600; 4C: $6,900*** n/a

The Economist Latin America The Economist Group 14,014 b&w: $3,217; 4C: $5,527*** Telefonos de Mexico, Inter-Continental Hotels, Chevron

** 1997 rates

Advertising Age International's Latin America TV lineup

Network Ownership No. of households Average rate, :30 spot Current biggest advertisers

fn 376>Local language

Travel Channel Landmark Communications 4.5 million $300 United Airlines, British Airways, National Rent a Car

Gems Television TK 5.2 million n/a MasterCard, Chanel, Avis

TeleUNO 4.9 million Spelling Satellite Networks $500 MasterCard, Seiko, Chanel

CBS/Telenoticias Westinghouse/CBS 9.3 million $1,000 IBM, Mobil, United Airlines

USA Network Viacom, MCA Inc. 5.2 million $10,500 AT&T, British Airways, MasterCard

Canal Fox Fox 6 million $650 MasterCard, Royal Caribbean, AT&T

Nickelodeon Latin America+ Viacom 2 million n/a n/a

Fox Sports Americas Fox, Liberty Sports 2.1 million $450 Nike, Reebok

Fox Kids Fox, Saban Entertainment 500,000 $200 Mattel

Canal de Noticias NBC NBC 20.3 million n/a American Express, DHL, United Airlines

ESPN Latin America ESPN 10.1 million n/a Anheuser-Busch, Visa, Adidas

MTV Networks Latin America Viacom 6.8 million n/a PepsiCo., Twentieth Century Fox, Hewlett-Packard

Discovery Latin America Discovery Communications 7.5 million n/a Chevron, Acer Computers, United Airlines

Cartoon Network Latin America Turner/Time-Warner 5.2 million $1,700 Kellogg's, Mattel, Nestle

TNT Latin America Turner/Time-Warner 6.3 million $1,200 Royal Caribbean, Mitsubishi, AT&T

English language

CNN International Latin America Turner/Time-Warner 5 million $1,200 American

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