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In response to James Brady's column on "Censoring the news in Fla." (AA, June 27): Being a former South Florida resident, I must congratulate Don Lefton and Victor Farkas for pulling the plug on WSVN in their hotels. As any South Floridian knows, WSVN is less a newscast and more a television tabloid of crime and disaster stories. It's directed toward the same type of audience that stops at car accident scenes in hopes of seeing a human being squashed like a bug. The delivery is over-dramatized by comical newscasters and annoying music. Clearly not a "news" station that you would turn to in search of substance.

As for Mr. Brady's concern that local crime news is being censored, the other three network affiliates aren't exactly shy about showing their share of blood and guts, either. With WSVN usually leading the local ratings, the other stations have had to do plenty of ambulance chasing to keep up.

Mike Holverson

Elk Grove Village, Ill.

Without having any knowledge of the station in question, one may be appalled to hear some South Florida hoteliers are blocking WSVN news reports. Being a local resident, though, not only do I understand the hotels' decision, I applaud it!

For years now WSVN has consistently broadcast the most violent, sensationalist footage. It appears WSVN has made it part of its agenda to actively seek the most horrendous crimes committed each day around the world to broadcast on its nightly news segment.

It is the position of many local residents that there are more responsible ways to inform the public of crime, as proven by the three other local stations. The hotels that chose to block the broadcast of WSVN's news reports were in their right (the right to select which stations they broadcast to their guests, just as guests choose which hotel they stay at), and were sending out a message: enough of the bloody footage and tabloid TV!

Also, Mr. Brady inaccurately stated that the hotels in question were completely blocking out all of WSVN's broadcast when, in fact, only the news segments were censored.

Lillian Laszlo


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