Leading National Advertisers: Charts

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S2: 100 Leaders by U.S. advertising spending

S4: Domestic advertising spending by medium

S4: Domestic advertising spending by category

S4: Methodology for this Report

S8: Top 10 liquid laundry detergents

S8: Top 10 powdered laundry detergents

S8: Top 10 feminine hygiene brands

S10: Top 10 fast-food burger restaurants

S10: Top 10 soft drinks

S12: Top 10 European auto brands

S12: Top 10 small cars

S16: Top haircare products by category

S16: Top 10 U.S. airlines

S18: Top 10 card issuers

S18: Top credit cards

S18: Top 10 IT services providers

S20: Top 10 movies

S22: Top 10 wireless operators

S22: Top vodkas and tequilas

S26: The 100 Leaders (S28, S30, S32, S34, S36, S38, S40, S42, S43, S44, S45, S46, S47, S48, S49, S50, S51, S52, S53, S55, S56, S58)

S52: Revenue per advertising dollar for 100 Leaders

S54: Top 10 advertisers in 13 measured media (Magazine, Sunday magazine, Newspaper, National Newspaper, Outdoor, Network TV, Spot TV, Syndicated TV, Cable TV Networks, Network Radio, National spot radio, Yellow Pages, Internet)

S56: Advertisers ranked 101 to 200

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